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Software solutions that revolutionize data collection for diagnosis and treatment




Pittsburgh, Pa., August 4, 2006 – Vocal Innovations, LLC today announced the launch of two new software products: the Voice Evaluation Suite TM and Virtual Voice Trainer TM.  These products were unveiled as part of a pre-release preview in June at the 36th Annual Voice Foundation Symposium: Care of the Professional Voice in Philadelphia, Pa. These patient-centered and therapist-friendly acoustic programs offer unique solutions for the assessment and treatment of voice disorders. 


“We are committed to developing easily accessible tools that provide objective acoustic ‘voiceprints’ and corresponding statistics to back-up the standard aural evaluation of voice disorders.  The Voice Evaluation Suite TM and Virtual Voice Trainer TM are software programs that reinforce the professional judgment of the therapist and lend credibility to the process in this era of evidence-based practice,” said Kimberly Steinhauer, Vocal Innovations CEO and Voice Specialist/Scientist.   


Steinhauer continued, “We are very excited about the positive feedback from voice therapists, physicians, coaches and trainers who previewed the software programs at the Symposium.”


The Voice Evaluation Suite TM (VES) automates the collection, analysis, storage and retrieval of standard clinical voice measures and offers the report in a paperless/electronic format.  


“VES is a great new instrument for voice evaluation," said Dr. Cari Tellis, Speech-Language Pathologist and faculty of College Misericordia.  “It is easy to use and provides a comprehensive, printable copy of the evaluation without the need to handwrite data.”


The Virtual Voice Trainer TM (VVT), a program designed for voice rehabilitation and training, provides pre-recorded, exemplary aural models and clear visual feedback for patients / clients throughout the voice treatment process.  The home-study companion software kit is easy-to-use and offers the clinician the ability to customize home self-study exercises for their clients or patients.  Clinics and independent therapists are also given the opportunity to “private-label” the home-study CDs and / or online “mini-websites” where the software can be downloaded.


“VVT’s visual biofeedback significantly enhances speed of learning and clients often report that it’s the best part of our sessions. The customization options and ability to email homework exercises ensure a tailored program for each client outside the clinic,”  said Tom Burke, of Metropolitan Speech Pathology, LLC.


With these releases, Vocal Innovations provides much needed solutions that allow voice therapists to have access to an acoustic voiceprint and corresponding numbers to back up their standard aural evaluation of voice disorders.  


Additional information, including free trial software offers can be found at Vocal Innovations’ website: www.vocalinnovations.com or by calling 800-795-0399  



Vocal Innovations (VI) is a leader in vocal training and rehabilitation through the development of products and services for individuals and groups seeking to achieve their personal vocal goals. By merging science and art through progressive research, accessible technology and innovative teaching techniques, VI maintains the balance of vocal health and aesthetic freedom.

VI delivers unparalleled educational opportunities, software solutions, specialized healthcare products, and the world-renowned Estill Voice Training System to performers, speech professionals, vocal injury victims and general retail customers who seek to increase vocal range and endurance.

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For more information about VES, VVT or any other Vocal Innovations product or service please visit www.vocalinnovations.com or contact:


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Public Relations Director



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